( STATUTES Chap. 1 - Charism and Spirituality) 






1,6 THE HEART OF THE CHARISM OF THE ASSOCIATION is to stimulate people in their attendance to the Sacramental life or towards a more intense participation in it. To reach such objective, the Brothers and Sisters of the Association  dedicate themselves assiduously both to the biblical prayer, entered into more profoundly with the contemplative silence (most retreated from the world as possible), and also to the active life of an apostolate of evangelization.


1,7 THE CHARISM OF THE ASSOCIATION BE EXECUTED for the major part of the time by especially going out onto the streets in simplicity and poverty, at the imitation of Christ, who explained the meaning of the Scripture to the Disciples of Emmaus along the street, redirecting them back to the Eucharistic banquet, where their eyes were opened as soon as He broke bread (cf. Luke 24:31-32; LG 48).



1,8 THE PRIMARILY CONTEMPLATIVE SPIRITUALITY OF THE ASSOCIATION, be founded firstly on the example of Jesus in the garden of olives, where He intensely prayed to the Father to fulfill the will of God (cf. Luke 22: 39-43), and secondly be referred to Mary, the sister of Martha, who listening to Jesus, demonstrated the primate of listening affirmed by Christ himself (cf. Luke 10: 41-42).



1,9 THE SPIRITUALITY OF THE ASSOCIATION IS ALSO ITINERANTLY ACTIVE, that looks to Jesus who went from town to town (cf. Matt 9:35; Mark 6:6) and sends his disciples to preach the Gospel to every creature (cf. Mark 16:15-16.20), going particularly for the streets with sobriety (cf. Matt 10:7-10), simplicity (cf. Matt 10:16)and competence (cf. 1Cor 13:11; 14: 20).





1,12 The charismatic motto of the Association, in synthesis, is the following: “Preach the Gospel as you go for the streets!” .


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