This briefly and in simplicity, is our Charisma, beginning from our Constitutions V.V.         

  ( or be it, from the Ecclesial Juridical Text, and so on ) …




CHARISMA V.V. from the Ecclesial Juridical Text

According to the norms of the Code of the Cannon Right


ART. 11                                                                       - CHARISMA -


   Our charisma for excellence ( other than Contemplation - ref Lk 10, 42), is that of sending souls to the Catholic Sacraments ( as Jesus did with the disciples of Emmaus ), through the concrete poverty (especially that in Spirit), the simplicity in all, and particularly through the “ travels in total providence already included in our varied missions, (ref Art. 6; 9; 10, 1st paragraph…) – [ Because : << in this be Glorified my Father – says the Lord – that ( you go – Jn 25, 16 ) and that bear much fruit and become my disciples >> ( Jn 15, 7-8)]. 


    * In short words our charisma, is parallel as both that of the first Carmelites and to that of the first Franciscans. So much as Carmelites, for the contemplation of their first members, that from simple Christians they would retreat in poor silent places  as the site “before mount Carmel”,  where they could like Mary (their Sister and Mother) contemplate the enflamed example of Elijah, so to arrive first – by means of Mary - along the right way, that be Jesus (ref Jn 14,6); completion of every model of life ! So much as Franciscans, for the extreme poverty and the shining itinerancy of St. Francis of Assisi (ref Lk 10, 3-20; Mk 6, 7-13) with his first brothers, simple and very obedient to the Catholic Church its norms !

      * For when then regards our charisma in the common life amoungst he brothers and sisters ( ref Art 13 ), given that often we walk together, it be clearly identified other than in our internal cenacles (common places where we have the possibility to Pray, eat, and share together, the multiplied and enriching spiritual experiences – ref Ac. 1,14; 2, 46).  Also in our travels of total providence, when we for example go two by two and with a sister as a following pious woman (ref Lk 8,3), like Mary that follows Jesus after the wedding at Cana ( ref Jn 2, 12 ) up to the foot of the cross, or even still as the example of when the sisters go two by two but with together with a brother that accompanies them as a guardian Angel (ref Bar 6,6; Lk 20 , 34-36), and all at the aim of beating the fear in the search of the Crucified One, yet that be resurrected (Mk 16, 5-6), after being humiliated right up to death  and  death on the Cross (ref Phil 2, 8).

       * As for then when regards the charisma of our apostolate, given that also the Apostle tells us: “ Lets also go out from the encampment” ( Heb 13,13), be carried out for the major part of the time on the streets, at the aim of returning the souls back to the Church and the Sacraments as Jesus returned the disciples of Emmaus towards the Eucharistic meal, and this, only after having explained it sense of the Scriptures along the road. Therefore, our apostolate be in brief subdivided as like so: 

      Street Missions, urban and (ordinary) extra-urban. / Franciscan Marian Missions (for the Parishes). / Marian Missions of the Saturday night ( in the Churches ). / Marian Missions in our Groups of Prayer A.L.O. / Marian Missions in the houses. / Universal Catechises “from zero up to the Eucharist, and the Eucharist up to the Glory of Jesus and Mary”. / Spiritual correspondence. (ref Art 9 – in the paragraph of the spiritual Activity ).

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