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on comportament amongst brothers and sisters V.v. 






For when regarding our common life amongst brothers and sisters ( in the residences etc.), because we are a mixed community that works together, but completely separated in the housing, so then to be even more transparent, know that our common life, be carried out in the following ways:

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      - When we are in the common place named the internal Cenacle, there, according to our stabilised hour, that can change according in relation to the times and place, we have the possibility to pray together ( as described at Art.8), eat together (or also work, when this be necessary to do so together), and in the same time, to be able to share also the marvellous experiences of the Lord, a little as it’s written in the Acts of the Apostles, and that is: << All these were no assiduous and in agreement in the prayer, together with some women and with Mary, the Mother of Jesus… Every day all together they frequented the Temple and broke bread at house taking the meals in Joy and simplicity of heart >> (Act 1,14 Act 2, 46). Then, having terminated such moments of sharing, every one obviously returns to their own habitation, the brothers in the masculine cloister, the sisters in the feminine cloister.

      - When we are then  IN TRAVELS or out and about for work one can depart other than alone, 

   or by two by


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two( as alone of the best ways advised to us by the Lord – ref  Lk 10,1 ), also according to the cases, or by two brothers and a sister, as a following pious woman (ref Lk 8,3), or by two sisters and a brother that accompanies them as a guardian Angel, given that the Lord says << My Angel is with you >>. (ref Bar 6,6; Lk 20 , 34-36)


      - For then when regarding then, the generic comportment between brothers and sisters know firstly that not only a little brother – for when it is possible – can never stay alone with a little nun or with a woman (and visa versa) except in the case of confessions, but also that, no little brother, alone or accompanied , ever may enter into the habitations of the little nuns (and visa versa, excepting an eventual permission from the brother named  superior, but only for work or grave emergencies, E all this, as advised an Excellent Bishop : because it’s good to obey the common sense ! ( ref Pr 8,14..; 1Pt 1,22-25)

 ( ref Costitutions V.V., Art. 3.13)

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