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CONTACT e-mails (of Friars and Nuns)

and telephone numbers (through our groups of prayer)



   poorfriarsvocations@gmail.com      (general emails in the English language)
   fr.friarantonio@gmail.com               (Responsible for English male vocations)


   sr.effata@gmail.com                     (Responsible for English female vocations)
   sr.stellina@gmail.com                     (Responsible consecrate for all the Groups ADP-VV)
   For cases that are a little more urgent, you can telephone the Allied Laity of our
   Groups of Prayer at the following number:
   - Tressa H.  (Leader of an ADP-VV Prayer Group)  (001) 985 8705314               




Our mission (that is, our work) is: to announce to the world  "Christ's Death and Resurrection" through poor Living Flyers, that is, through a luminous Example of Life! – (Cf. John 13:15). Would you help us to do this with “your life”? Jesus says:  “No one has greater Love than this: to give his life for his friends” (John 15:13) ! “The harvest is rich but the workers are few” (Cf. Luke 10:2) and the world is large to travel around; would you like to “travel with us in providence (cf. Mark 6:7-13) announcing the Savior to the world, first with your life and then using words??? Write - the Prize is GREAT (cf. Matt 19:21. 27-30)! Think about it … Now is the time to act!


   P.S. Regarding whatever questions you may have, we are always ready to to help – FREELY ! – in the hope that we can please everyone! But please be patient, since – in addition to unforeseen events – the harvest is great and the workers are few... 



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