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CONTACTS e-mails (of Friars and Sisters)

And telephone numbers (through our groups of Prayer):  



   vocations@poorfriars.net  (general emails in the English language)

friarantonio@gmail.com (email address of the person responsible for the website in the English language)


   Then, for the cases that are a little more urgent, you can telephone our Allied Laity of our
   Groups of Prayer at the following number:





           Our mission (that is our work) is: To announce to the world << Christ Dead and Resurrected >>  through poor Living Leaflets, that not be through propaganda handing out brochures, but through the “Sacred Licence of the Christian” Living in us, as a business card (of grace) of a luminous Example of Life ! – ( ref Jn 13, 15 ). Would you help us to do so, with “your life”? Jesus says: “No one has a greater Love than this: to give his life for his own friends” (Jn 15, 13) !  “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” ( ref Lk 10, 2 ), and the world is big to go around; would you like to “ travel with us in providence ” ( ref Mk 6, 7-13 ), to announce the Savior to the world, first with your life and then with words ??? Write, the Prize is GREAT (ref Mt 19, 21. 27-30 ) ! Reflect … Now is time to Act !



                In regards to what ever request, always at disposition – FREELY ! – We hope to be able to make all content, given that – other than the unseen – the harvest is much and the workers are few…

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