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This: An Evangelizzazione during the travels of total Providence


One day, while we were going towards Rome,… whilst I, with another friar and a nun dressed of sack cloth we were hitchhiking by providence, a big black car stopped to give us a lift, on board a person of the type that really seemed to be from the Mafia… those who have the shirt open, necklace hanging round his neck and big ring on his finger. As the window of the car opened, this one told us: << Where are you monks going ? >>, we replied: << We’re directed to Rome >>  and he then said << Climb into the car >> , with an accent some what bold, but with the big tone of voice of a good yet lost little sheep yet to be guided; in fact as we climbed in he told us: << I’ve spoken with the dead, I’ve done this, I’ve done that… >> … At the same time my little brothers looked me in face as to say: << But where have we managed to end up ? >>, I, looking into their eyes, with a few gestures and without words, making them understand: << Stay calm, little brothers !, he only needs a bit of steering (that is of a bit of of Doctrine), the Lord has made us meet him for this >>.

Then, from one word to another between us and this apparent mafia member, it went up ending that his gaze often fell upon the beautiful little nun that was with us. Then from one gaze to another, I didn't say much to him, yet he immediately understood that these gazes were beginning to displease me. Like so he flew to tell me: << no, no, brother – now becoming emotional – don’t misunderstand my gazes, now I’ll explain it to you, if you have the goodness to come to my house >>. And since to the hearts whom travel towards charity don’t command, we accepted the invitation and we went with him. What a Great surprise when we entered into the house of this pleasent little lost sheep !… Given that along the journey, he’d already told us some something, we were really suprised; and that is that his wife who had died a short time ago was almost a drop of water with the little nun (one intends in the external similarity !). And so whilst we four and all were set in front of the great photo of his wife, he said: << Yes !, a few days ago, whilst I was looking at my wife in this great photo, I told her as such,: " My dear love, give me - a sign - that you’re nearby, otherwise I’ll go crazy. Let’s do something: Send me someone that resembles you “to a drop of water”, and whom tells me what I have to do, and from this I will know that you are near to me >>. At this point I told him:  << Stop, stop ! What did you tell her ? >>, waiting for one of his fast answers; and he said: << Send me someone that resembles you “to a drop of water” – I told her -, and from this I will know that you are near to me ! >>, and I said << stop !, - I kept telling him -, look at the little nun and open your eyes: "This is a sign! ", now ask her; ask her what you have to do, since that you have asked your wife this, since in the Great Mercy of God, it’s been granted to you ! >>.  And he said, - after the Lord had realy opened his eyes -: << What do I have to do sister ? >>, and she said, with a lot of serenity and a sweet sounding voice (intrepidly convinced) : << You must immediately Confess yourselfwith a Catholic Priest, and above have Communion with Eucaristic Jesus ! >>; << And then yes - I answered him - you will be in communion with your wife, through the Communion of the Saints who have followed Jesus in the right way >>.

        After a little time, this sweet person from having a wounded heart (to our great wonder) wanted to listen to the evening prayer that we had to pray, and to his great wonder, almost at the end of the evening prayer, also his ears heard the following invocation, that said really like this : << Give (oh Lord) eternal rest to our deceased, - make that we feel near to them in the Communion of Saints - >> (Cf. Vesp. Thurs. II° week of O.T. 6th  intercesion.). Later, from one tear to the next and a reflection to the next, I also said to him with sweet firmness:

        << Therefore have you understood >> also refuring my self to the first discussion << how does one need to be in communion with the deceased ?, and not as you’d said several short hours ago in the car, because the Lord doesn't want that interagate the dead, to communicate with our dead relatives these things, “ know well it and fix it in your heart ", it be in abomination to the Lord, since is writing: << Nor who makes spells, nor who consults the spirits or fortune tells, nor who interagates the dead, because whoever does these  things is in abomination to the Lord ! >>. (Dt 18, 11-12) And him, after having heard this, with lots of humility, accepted the correction and promised - the most beautiful thing – that is, that as soon as possible would be Confessed, and would be Communicated!, because he had really understood the lesson !

   Having heard this, it wasn’t enough to the Lord to do all of this for this little sheep that had just received "two beautiful signs" and more since He, the Lord of all, always confirms the words of His servants, with many signs, prodigies, healings, and above all conversions ! In fact before coming to Mass with us – whilst we being undecided whether to stop at his house or not, since that he had invited us and the time turned to evening – he told us: << But if then you have to go to Rome, and you don't have : “ neither a lira, anor a piece of bread ", then we’ll do this :" now I’ll give you a beautiful stack of money ( saying also with gestures ), and not only that… I’ll buy a few bags of shopping for you so that you’ll be ok for several weeks " >>. We replied him : << No, no >>, and then he said insisting; << Yes, yes, I tell you, satisfy me, let me do this favor, give me the joy of doing this for you >>. We then said << No, no, dear little brother, it’s not for a bad reason that we don't accept them or that we don't want to give you this joy of heart, but because, we are sure that for every little thing that we reounce for the love of the Lord,  all the more souls can be Saved ! In fact the Lord, tells us not to bring anything for the trip, neither gold, nor silver, nor haversack, nor bread, nor etc.. etc.., therefore for the love of Jesus, help us to Live the Gospel, because nobody can forbid us this; and at the end if we do this, we also do it for your own good, other than that of the good of your wife and that of so many others >>.

               And so, finally, after being sweetly convinced, we took off toward the Holy Mass, in which the Holy Gospel of that day, to our and his great surprise, said like so:  “ in that time " << the lord appointed seventy two other disciples and he sent them out ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself was to visit. he told them:  “ the harvest is great, but the labourers are few. Pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest so that he sends labourers to his do harvesting. go now, but look, I send you out like lambs amongst wolves; Take no purse, no haversack, no sandals and don’t greet anyone along the road. In whatever house you enter, let your first words be: “Peace in this house”. If there be a child of peace, your peace will descend upon him, if not, it will return to you. Stay in that house, eating and drinking of what they have to offer, because the labourer deserves his payment.. " >>. (Lk 10, 1-7..) And so, after this happy and fruitful Mass, we’d also understood that we had to stay at his house that evening; to make him understand well in that evening, that God's Kingdom with its Peace, had really lowered down and approached nearby him… who leaving him almost as a white healed sheep from the black wounded wolf that we’d met !… together with Jesus and Mary, and His sweet company, who wanted him along the - Upright Way - that leads to the Eternal Happiness.   Amen !  


    All for the Major Glory of God, and for the Salvation of the Most number of souls possible, "Aiming" this and the "Eternal Crown" of our Faith !  Amen!


This is a local evangelisation that elegantly testifies

also to our solid work, to whom ever thought that we were idlers…


       Speaking of this, like so once wrote a dear spiritual child of mine, in one of his letters; << Here is a little testimony of a few instants, and I havn’t even written everything, but only the things that I’ve remembered and that have particularly struck me, but I hope that they’ll be enough to make you understand what is our job, that is, in the every day life, testify with the facts, and without to many words, the Miracles that Jesus done in our lives, making everybody remember that this is not the life but only the test, and trying to make more brothers possible that are lost approach the Sacraments; all for love and with love… As in fact immediately later, that is the following morning (of when you wrote us the letter), going to the typography, where there (they let us) momentarily use their computer to complete the Sacred Passport, on the road to get into town we met two people, with out moving on their place of employment waiting for clients ! They be out in the sun observing what happens around them, and becoming aware of us from some distance away, with a malicious smile make us intend with what spirit they be waiting to stop us and " to speak to us."

    Approaching dressed as wolves ready to rip us into pieces, they tell us that they also want to make themselves friars and to go out together with us, " so not to have to work anymore ! " And with their malicious smile, they’d like to play with our intelligence, that no longer be ours but be that of Jesus whom we strive to make live in us ! Pleasantly the Friar that was with me, calling to one of the two and asked : “ Tell me something : what be done at the printers ? One works ! And why does one work ? For money ! Now look, we (for the time being) go to the printers every day " and showing him the almost complete Sacred Passport, that be the little work wanted by Jesus, he told him : “ Do you see this ? This be one of the jobs that we’re doing, and no one pays us, but we do it only for the Love of the Lord; and if we do this, we do it for Love that many lost souls don't go to hell, and to make many understand that this is not the life, but only the test, and here we only be in passage !  Look”, he continued, " there are those who work for the things that pass, and those who work for the things that be eternal; those who are satisfied with a capital of 2 ms x 80 cms, that is, a box of death," and with an unintentional gesture wanted by the Lord, he touched the person that was infront of him (that of with which he was speaking to), as to indicate to this man for what he was working for and what would be his capital ; then the Friar that was with me, with his own hand pointed to himself ( always as before unintentionally ) saying : " and there are those instead who are not satisfied with this" allowing him to clearly understand that he really not be satisfied with a box of death; and continuing, he quoted him the Gospel pass where Jesus says: << What advantage in fact will  man have if he earns the whole world, and then looses his own soul ? >> (Mt 16, 26).

    We saw these people, who (began to) to listen to everything and didn't (any longer) allow not even one word escape, above all because this zealous Frair recounted only part of his testimony of when he was more than a trouble maker, recalling like so for experience, that man of an aspect of a trouble maker. Later, always being illuminated by the Spirit, he explained to him, that to save oneselves (from the sins), it doesn't serve that one has to do great things, but it be enough that at least every Sunday, it owes us to strive to go to the Holy Mass, being Confessed and Communicated, and later to strive oneselves to live what one  hears. After this, he withdrew a Sacred Licence and lifting it, with firm tone, jokingly yet at the same time authoritarian, he told him: “ Look at this Sacred Licence : other than being Blessed by a Bishop, and other than finding here inside the road signals that can drive us towards Heaven, you will also find, ( an eloquent witness ) that 2000 years ago, a Man has Risen from the dead, in which also promises to you, if you follow Him : the Resurrection of the body and the Blessed Immortality ! And do you know why I tell you this ? Because 2000 years ago the Lord already knew, that there now would be people educated like you, that would be in need of tangible proof that clearly satisfies the intellect, as St. Tomas needed ! Reflect " he then told him farewelling him with a brotherly kiss,  " since today in the Name of the Lord I have proposed to you what no one of this world can ever propose, and that is: the Blessed Immortality and end, the Eternal Glory “!

       " Reflect brother, reflect dear brother, and that the Lord Bless you whole heartedly. Peace and Good, and Holy Day, " the zealous Friar that was with me farewelled them, and they, ( If you’d seen their faces ! ) those who before hand came dressed like rapacious wolves, went away like little sheep, and with a beautiful meditation to be done ! Truly beautiful, yes ?

       These are the wonders that the Lord works, and since to narrate the deeds of the Lord means to praise him ( Cassian ), think little sister, how beautiful ! We are having the possibility to continually praise the Lord ! ( even now )…      Amen  !  

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