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library v.v. for babies (cf sal 8,3)...



THESE HERE, THE  << “SacrED” DocumentS  ( V.V.) OF THE CHristian >>…

( that resemble some official national documents used by some European countries )






 0 )  --  An unleavened explanation of the Sacred Documents of the Christian

 In the Name of the Lord, Peace be with you :  Getting to the point, these are the following bellow nominated documents that enriches our Catechetical Pastoral-Aid Testimony of a concrete life ( ref Can 778, - 779 ), for “ the New Evangelisation ”  :   






1 )  --  TrinitariaN iNSURANCE


The Trinitarian Insurance, has been created other than just for atheists, bat also at the scope of reinforcing the faith of many little “Tomases”, that say “yes” they believe, but still have the need to put their finger upon concrete signs of that which has been announced to them - which be the victory over death !


( Not yet available in English )














The Sacred Passport, which includes also the Sacred Licence, has been created  ( other than so to once again remove the dust, be [in a simple way] to set solidly and reinforce even more, the way or the Doctrinal knowledge of the good Christian who already be along the way - and above all.. ) to “guide” in a – simple -,  ordered and  sensible way, … a soul ( and even more souls ), from the dark atheism right up to the door way of the full Holiness…  











3 )  --  SacrED ( Religious ) identitY CARD  


The Sacred (Religious) Identity Card, has been created above all so that all people, of what ever Religion, can rediscover in an unleavened way their religious identity, like so to be able to complete it uniquely in Christ ( ref CCC 65 ) and in the Catholic Church - Unique Unsinkable Ark that Saves “ Fully from Sins ” ; as in fact it be written : << Waiting for the  “Complete Redemption” >>. ( ref Ep 1, 14 B from Italian text), or even : << And you little child, shall be called prophet of the Most High, for you will go before of the Lord to prepare the way for him, to give his people “ the Knowledge of Salvation” – that’s in – “ the remission of sins ” ( ref Lk  1, 77 ) Absolved in the right way in this life or the other one ( ref 2 Mac 12, 45.. ) - for whom all goes well…


( Not yet available in English )










The Sacred Heath Booklet has been created so to understand better the great mystery of sufferance through certain real life stories and the odd parole, and above all by means of a little Biblical course way of the Word of God supported by the Magisterium…
















The Sacred Licence of the Christian, other than being also she of a universal language, where there be “ a little bit ” of advice for all, beginning from atheists, then for Jews, for Muslims, for all Christians that have separated, including the orthodox, protestants, and evangelists, ending with Jehovah’s Witness, and for Buddhists, etc.. etc.. given that this is a document branched out with others, yes, other than that, the Sacred Licence has been above all created and renewed at the scope of guiding like lightning many souls towards “ the Fist Aid “ of the Holy Confession ”, and to the “ Filling Station “ of the Holy Communion “ with the Son of God, as in fact it’s written : << He has called us to the Communion with his Son Jesus,.. our Lord ! >> ( 1 Cor 1, 9 ). Ah, this Sacred Licence is already in 5 languages – Italian, English, French, Spanish and Arab… and very soon to be in other languages!..












  6 ) -- SACRED BOOKLET OF ( spiritual ) CIRCULATION...

The Sacred Booklet of Circulation has been created, other than so to have the Holy Meditated Rosary articulately recited, but also be to understand even better how God speaks, in a mysterious, luminous, and concretely sure and certain way, given that it’s written : << Your Word oh Lord, be lamp for my steps, light for my path >> ( Ps 118, 105 ), as the next most important document of all which be called :















7 )  --  CONSTITUTIONS V.V. ( complete and ,) including the RULE V.V….


IL TESTAMENT V.V.  ( that is, in the Testament V.V. or in our Constitutions V.V. [ of juridical-canonical, religious-spiritual, and civil text ), in an evident way it be written : << Come to me, all you who be overburdened and oppressed, and I will give you rest.  Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart… My joke is in fact sweet and my burden light >> - Mt 11, 28 -30 )… Therefore, these our Constitutions V.V., have been written at the aim of making our community Live better All  the Holy Gospel, for a major benefit to all, and above all for the major Glory of God ! (ref Mt 5,19). In fact :

THE NEW TESTAMENT (also including the OLD TESTAMENT) , has been inspired all by God ( 2 Tm 3, 16 ), to make us understand  that the Sacred Document most important of all be THE SACRED BIBLE, to be observed and respected in the effort of the daily practice of life - in Christ -, there be those who give 30, those who give 60, and those who give 100 % ( which be every thing ) !, for this the Lord says: << Who doesn’t have a sword ( that be the sword of the Spirit, or in other words the Word of God, - Ep 6, 17 ), must go and sell his mantle to buy one ! >>  ( Lk 22, 36 ). Amen !

         In fact the Bible or the Gospel, normally we don’t give as gifts, but we make the people who be interested go directly to buy one, like so from there they begin to practice the Word of God !, that is, who doesn’t have the Sword of the Word of God, goes and sells his jacket even if it makes him cold, and then buys One ! Amen !









- Magnifying glass of our Constitutions V.V.…  ( with Password  )


The Magnifying glass of our Constitutions V.V., has been written, to have a major, even more profound or really zoomed in vision on our Evangelical life style, at the aim of giving even more clarity there be the necessity !


( Not yet available in English )













- An open letter to all the called


Then in regards to our Catechetical Pastoral aid of which for us wills to have other than the aim of re-evangelizing ourselves and the others that the Lord puts before us along our way, there would be even more other Sacred Documents, ready to give for other occasions, like “ the Open Letter to all the Called “, that be useful for the discernment of whom does not know if to marry, or if to undertake a Religious life

( Not yet available in English )














- Powerful Prayer ( to obtain great graces)…













- Green Leaflet ( for pleasant yet Profound Reflections)…



















(  REGARDING RELIGIONS ! – INFALLIBLE ! – ref Wis 5, 18-20 )



- Judgement of God  over Religions ( with Password ) …


( Not yet available in English )




















And in them the Good Shepherd to follow… 


- Spiritual Guide –  ( with Password  ) …



















         Therefore , “If you want to” ( ref Mt 19, 21..), get up and “ come ” pray with us in the Catholic Church ( ref Ep 3, 21 ), and practice with us concretely ( ref Mk 6, 7-13; Lk 8, 2-3 ..) on the streets, and you’ll see many miracles of conversion etc.. ( ref Act 3, 6-8 ), but if you desire to contact us, remember that:


          We don't have anything, no telephone, no fax, no home (cf. Mt 8, 20),   

          but for every eventuality, write to this address,

          leaving your phone number and some one will contact us,

          so that, later, one of us will contact you as soon as possible.

          ( So then, we’re actually  in Italy,

          Europe – Planet Earth;

          but soon to be, with the Grace of God, in the never ending eternal space,

          from one star to the next and on the luminous way of the Blessed Glorious Immortality !...

          So, if you want to contact us, write to the address as above said ):





( leave your telephone number if you're interested in having a vocational experience )           


     Our mission (that is our work) is: To announce to the world << Christ Dead and Resurrected >>  through poor Living Leaflets, that not be through propaganda handing out brochures, but through the “Sacred Licence of the Christian” ( with it’s List of Sacred Documents – written on it’s back cover - as above) that we hope Living in us, as a business card (of grace) of a luminous Example of Life ! – ( ref Jn 13, 15 ). Would you help us to do so, with “your life”? Jesus says: “No one has a greater Love than this: to give his life for his own friends” (Jn 15, 13) !  “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” ( ref Lk 10, 2 ), and the world is big to go around; would you like to “ travel with us in providence ” ( ref Mk 6, 7-13 ), to announce the Savior to the world, first with your life and then with words ??? Write, the Prize is GREAT (ref Mt 19, 21. 27-30 ) ! Reflect … Now is time to Act !



                In regards to what ever request, always at disposition – FREELY ! – We hope to be able to make all content, given that – other than the unseen – the harvest




N.B. : The biblical passages that are found in these sacred documents have been translated from the CEI text (Italian Episcopal Conferance) from 1974 ; with references to the New Jerusalem Bible, version of 1985 , and to the New American Bible, version of 2002 that is found on the vatican website. Cf. http://www.vatican.va 

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