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Why these Franciscan-Marian Missions ?, if not because the Bishops or Priests ask them of us ?, and even more so – the Lord – through them ?, when say to us : <<  Go to the street corners and call all you find to the wedding ! >> ( Mt 22, 9 )… But how ?... ( check after these photos, that already in a certain way, “speak” for themselves ! )…

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So then, theextraordinary - “ Franciscan-Marian Missions that to the breeze of the Spirit will have more or less this style of life !, and that is to go and Evangelise all by group for the city and in the outskirts - like Jesus with his Apostles and the pious women – and the various disciples ( like so also us with our Friars and Sisters and also the allies V.V. of the Little ones, if they also feel to come onto the roads… ),  with the aim of filling the wedding hall of the King of kings, that is to send souls into the Parishes in general, and into the Parishes of the Diocese that ask us or re-ask us for such missions – so then to make this mass or this crowd Pray : The Meditated Holy Rosary, to make them know or to make many of them know better, the Word of God, and therefore “ the Knowledge of Full Salvation that is in the Remission of the sins ”  ( ref Lk 1,77; Ep 1,14 B ), Confessed in the right way (ref Jn 20,23), including the participation at the Holy Catholic Eucharist that  without such, it will be difficult to get  into Paradise.

    Therefore these Marian Missions that often be repeated willingly to the - concrete AIMs  of not only  sending souls to the Catholic Sacraments, especially to the Sacrament of the Holy confession and above all to the Sacrament of the Sunday Holy Communion, or even better daily ( ref Mt 6, 11 ), or even more to Vocational camps ( ref pg 19-20.. Int. Rule), but also to arouse even more " new groups of Marian Prayer " of young and not so young, who will also have the Goals and Aims of sending souls to the Catholic Sacraments and to Raise or to Form in simplicity of Prayer Vocations of every type, that will then have the same Aims of sending souls not only to the Sacraments and so on.. but also to make them often frequent " the House of God that is the Church, Column and support of Truth" (ref 1 Tm 3, 15), and it all, since it has been the King of the kings, that is the Superior of all, to Command this to his servants, so that the rooms of his nuptial banquet, be filled with people (ref Mt 22, 1. / Lk 14, 15...), for the Eternal Life (ref Jn 6, 53-54), and for the Glorious Immortality (ref Mt 25, 21). Amen !

    In regards then to the style of Catechesis of the Meditated Holy Rosary that will be used in these Marian Missions, no fear !, We have already an - internal Structure - of private character -, that will surely give us a great hand as how to guide the meditations of the Mysteries of the H. Rosary, of certain Fertility, if there will be the good earth of the hearts to welcome the inspired Meditations, very Rich of the Seed of the Word of God ! 

    Therefore to have a more accurate idea of our Marian Missions, here then is a very poor Example ( interchangeable, according to the needs, the times or the places… ), in the hope of bearing fruit to the Maximum:

     So then firstly about 13 days of evangelisation in group – in which during be placed the green fliers  of the – Franciscan - Marian Missions – in the location of Bars, supermarkets, green grocers, bakeries, fish vendors, schools, hospitals, in medical clinics, in dentists… or etc.., in auto garages.. in computer shops, in internet cafès, or etc.. etc. - so at the same time [ there where often it is not or almost never spoken of God, it will there instead end, with the excuse of the fliers or these poor of the Lord that arouse every where curiosity, that ],it will be spoken of God, of the Church, of Confession and of the Holy Communion for the Blessed Eternal Life and for the Eternal Glory that many are entirely unaware of.

  Then about 3 days of retreat..., to reload the oxygen cylinders of our spirit, and- then together with the daily H. Communion a week full of the Meditated H.. Rosary communally in public, who reads in turns the Word on its Mysteries, and who among the more trained V.V. meditates the Mysteries in question according to the Spirit !, and all from the pulpit of the Church and with the V.V. Banner of Mary turned to the people, which must have as image the Symbol that we carry on our heart, that is: the Carmelite Scapular ( with a beautiful figure of the Glorious Madonna of Mount Carmel and below the Franciscan Tau with a small green V placed on the Tau ( at the top to the centre ).


Then to conclude, at the end of the Mission," strong Testimonies ", according to the Word of St. Peter that in regards to says: << People that God has purchased, proclaim His marvellous works that has called you from the darkness to His admirable light! >> ( ref 1 Pt 2,9 ). And all that's here described, be completed - in the bonds of the Will of God -, ( and each time ) with the consent of the local Bishop and in the respect of our style and Charisma !, described in summery of our Int. Rule…  and etc.. etc.. Amen !


    In regards then to all those that after the Marian Mission or etc.. - because touched by the Spirit - would concretely want Spiritual Advice, that shall be given to them well, or to do some Experiences with us, that they shall be welcomed - but according to the discernment of the responsible V.V. ...Or if even still...


    In regards then to all those that after the Marian Missions or etc.. - because touched by the Spirit -  would like to concretely make part of our Prayer groups V.V. denominated by us " THE ALLIES OF THE LITTLE ONES "… they first be explained how these already existing groups function, and then if their insistence or interest for the Prayer is seen, they be made to complete with simplicity and explicit liberty the sheet-form of our

Groups of Prayer ALO, where in few words we will have all there explained already, as in regards to the Organization of the single city groups, and even before, the simple promises to make to Mary, Mother of Jesus, for the Major Glory of God and the Salvation of the Most number of souls possible, Aiming this and the Eternal Crown of our Faith. Amen !


     P.S. For when regarding to the Marian Missions V.V., it is clear that as already above said, they can be developed in diverse ways as the example for excellence here above listed, that can be lightly changed according to the needs of the Spirit !


     P.P.S.  To Catholic Bishops and Priests of Latin rite : << If you’re interested in our (Free) eventual  Missions, you can leave your phone number at the following e-mail address:  vocations@poorfriars.net and one of our allies will contact us, in a way that, we’ll be able to contact you as soon as possible, given our various commitments.

     But, holding present the Priests ( of which at the moment we still don’t have, given that we’re all studying for this ), that without the blessing of the local Bishop where the Mission would be done, we will not conclude any mission commitments, given that it’s written: “ Obedience is better than the sacrifice, being docile, is more than the fat of  rams ! ” ( ref 1Sam 15, 22 ). Amen !...

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