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- OUR PovertY - eXtremE BUT DIGNIFIED…

Therefore, why our extreme poverty ? and our poor Community ?*

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    And since at Can 304 § 1 it be required to all the Associated Communities to describe in the own Statutes also the relative Utility (of the community) to the time and place, so then ( also here ) – according to our calling – that it be done like this, beginning from what follows, and that is:

    << Today all the world or  many, many people in effect have the need to see real poors of the Lord in the Church, because they no longer understand the Benign Mystery of its Glorious Richness, instead of esteeming it they accuse it !, and not only, they also accuse unjustly its Ministers that represent it.. , and like this many, that listen to these misunderstood things, instead of becoming nearer they go further ! For this was immediately born the urgency to make ourselves truly poor ( besides for our Calling and for a factor of Justice ), so the confused people, in regards to the so called wealth of the Church, no longer having the possibility to point the finger at us, given that they see us extremely poor, they stop, and finally listen to the demonstrated Truth and the simple answer as to why Jesus was poor while now the Church is ( rightly ) Rich, and  etc.. etc.. ; and like this in fact many, begin to take up again the esteem for their Mother Church and for her Ministers, returning like this to the Holy Confession and to the Holy Communion, and therefore concretely: be on the way towards  the Blessed Eternal Life. Amen !  

    So then, we’ve made ourselves concretely poor ( not only for the motives above said, ma ) “ primarily and above all ” because is the Lord that has asked us, in our particular calling, as in fact in regards to He Himself says to us : << If you want to be “perfect”, go, sell what you possess, give it to the poor then come and follow me >> ( ref Mt 19, 21); and then also (for matters of Justice), because our conscience repeatedly… told us so !...

    Here in fact - as says the Apostle - : << It not be a question of .. putting someone into difficulty so to raise up another, but to do equality… ! >> ( 2 Cor 8, 13 ); for this the Lord tells his Disciples : << Blessed you who are poor, because to you belongs the Kingdom of Heaven ! >> ( Lk 6, 20 ). But who in reality are these Disciples of his ? called to live a particular vocation ?... --- << So, whoever does not renounce all of his possessions - says the Lord ! - ( or at least doesn’t detach himself from them ), cannot be my Disciple! >> ( Lk 14, 33 ),

    For this, in regards to the first Christians - that are the model of the Church – it be written: << The great number of people whom had come to the Faith, had one heart and soul, and “no one claimed ownership of their property” that of which belonged them, but every thing amongst them was held commonly ! - With great strength the Apostles made testimony to the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus -… In fact, no one amongst them was needy, because whom ever possessed fields or houses, sold them and brought the goods of that which had been sold, and deposed it at the feet of the Apostles; and then it was distributed to each person according to the need ! >> ( Act 4, 32 – 35 )

    Therefore this the concrete motive for our extreme poverty ! But if was not enough, my dear brother or sister that reads or that listens, here even more so what follows:

    << The poverty or the misery, that is, to look for or beg for bread in itself, is not something good, because (as have already seen) for a high sense of Justice all should have bread, and in abundance ! (ref Ps 131, 15; Pr 30, 7 - 9). Therefore, also for this the Son of God became poor, so that all could have, and in all senses ! For this explains the Apostle : << Jesus Christ: though rich as he was, made himself poor for you, so that (also) you become rich by means of his poverty !>> ( 2 Cor 8, 9 ).For this also


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 St. Thomas of Aquinus in his Theological Summa explains : << There are men that beg for humility, this “it deserves approval” and praise >>. (1° Part. Sum. T. ), or if this was not enough, the Council Vatican II° refreshes our memory, given that to such regards it also says: << As Christ has completed the Redemption through the Poverty and the persecutions, like so also the Church “is Called to take the same way, to communicate to man”, the fruits of the Salvation ! >> ( ref Counc. Vat. II° Lumen Gentium Chap I° 8 ) .. Amen !





     And even still if this isn’t enough, we have also as a more eloquent and distinctly confirmation… the textual words of the Pope Razinger, that in regards to total poverty and of being detached from the material things ( with the facts ) says like so:


     << Who wants to follow Christ in a radical way, must renounce to the material goods !.. (Then), for all Christians, but especially for us Priests, for those Religious, for those single as for communities, the question of the poverty of the poor, must always be of a new object of a severe examination of conscience. Precisely in our own situation, in which we’re not bad off, we’re not poor, I think that we must reflect particularly on how we can live this calling in a sincere way, I would like to recommend it to your  - to our – examination of conscience ! >>        

                                     ( POPE RATZINGER - 0sservatore Romano, 10-11 September 2007, page 5 )

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