prayer v.v. ... 


The daily prayers that each " little friar or sister " must do always, without distinction of time or 

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place are the following (apart from solitary and community retreats):


-          The Holy Mass( and allot of interior silence during the day, to meditate always also whilst we act );


-          The liturgical hours ( - the Office of Readings - the morning praises, midday prayer,- with brief readings 3rd, 6th, 9th - and evening prayer );


-          The Holy Rosary meditated ( …through the luminous reading keys of S.B.C. and its fruits of meditation ... );


-          The fasting…


Naturally the Prayers remain always as those described at page 14 ( of our little Rule – as here above ) , except for those people that ( receiving a particular dispensation from the General or from the Provincial, for valid motives, or for those people that ) undertake studies for the Priesthood; only these, (be it in the case of dispensation, and in the case of studies) in the time that they complete what they have begun, they can regulate according to conscience, without abandoning though – the daily Holy Mass – and, the Liturgical Hours (Morning Prayer, Middle Hour and Evening Prayer), and at least (daily) one third of the Holy Rosary Meditated, always preceded in this case by an Angelus, comparing it to himself ( or preceded that is by the First Joyful Mystery, to say to ourselves every day: But what have you Announced to us today Lord ? ) !

   In regards to the fast…, described in our Rule V.V., it is clear, also that this is always valid, as more or less it is also requested by the old and the new law of the Lord ( Lk 18,12; Mt 6,17.. ), but it is also clear that when we are in mission like the Groom, there’s no Fasting, since Jesus says: << Is it possible for the invited guests of a wedding fast, while the Groom is with them ?..>> ( Cf. Mt 9, 15 ). Therefore : << When you enter a city… eat what will be put before you >> (Lk 10, 8). Amen ! Since as the Lord says: << Obedience is better than the sacrifice, being Docile is more than the fat of  rams ! >> ( Cf  1Sam 15, 22 ). Amen ! 


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