Welcoming V.V. with Arms open wide ( ref Mt 25, 31-40 )...

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At the moment, such formative retreats, within our arranged host rooms V.V., will be accessible ( always freely ) only to our Groups of Prayer A.L.O.-V.V., but, after pre-notifying....

Then, more ahead if God wills, we will equip also the other lay brothers, that don’t make part of our Groups of Prayer denominated Allies of the Little Friars and Sisters of Jesus and Mary, called also Green Fliers…

For information write to :

                                 Little Friars and Sisters V.V. of Jesus and Mary but remember always that :


          We don’t have anything, no telephone, no fax, no home ( Cf. Mt 8, 20 ),

          but for every eventuality, write to this address,

          leaving your phone number and some one will contact us,

          so that, later, one of us will contact you as soon as possible.

          ( So then, we’re actually  in Italy, Europe – Planet Earth;

          but soon to be, with the Grace of God, in the never ending eternal space,

          from one star to the next and on the luminous way of the Blessed Glorious Immortality !...

          So, if you want to contact us, write to the address as above said ):





( leave your telephone number if you're interested in having a vocational experience )

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