FIRST POINT : There are a lot of our Groups of Prayer that have promised in writing, the effort of to help us in our works of Evangelisation… but not only,

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THE SECOND POINT :  is all that follows…


Therefore, Regarding to our ordinary sustenance ( other than those of the travels of total providence, where Jesus say to not worry about anything, given that the worker, or rather he who works announcing is worthy of his pay – ref Lk 10, 4-8 ) we live ( not actually as mendicants, but) always on total providence – a little like Jesus (ref Lk 8, 3), and when we give gifts of little pamphlets or booklets ( that only God knows the work that we do to get them printed ), instead of making them pay us in money – as how already partly explained at Art. 9 - we make them give us a little bread or etc.. whenever they can and if there be the necessity !, since that up until today the Providence has never failed us as Jesus has promised us: << Search rather for the Kingdom of Heaven, and all these things shall be given to you in abundance ! >> ( ref  Lk 12, 22-31 ).         

      Therefore, the above mentioned aims of Evangelisation, they will be concretely reached, also through works of charity by the part of Faithful benefactors ( especially thanks to our Groups of Prayer A.L.O., nominated the Allies of the Little Ones, that in the third point of their little enrolment form for the entry into our Groups of Prayer, they have promised to try to help us how much as they can, in our works of Evangelisation) ; holding in present but, that our community and its totally consecrated singular subjects that are associated to it, can never possess anything of their own; they can all the same accept various donations only for work and sustenance, “excluding money”, that can never be touched, it not be bad to touch it, since that also the Apostle had a safe keeping ( ref Jn 13, 29 ), but we feel in the depth of our heart – similarly like St. Francis of Assisi -  that the Lord call us also to this ( a little as it be explained in Art. 6 of our Ecclesiastical Constitutions, from Bishop’s note ). And not only, to reach the above mentioned aims,  the community also strives to never make debts with anyone and of any type ( ref Rm 13, 8; Fil 4, 15b ) as it is explained at Chap. III°B  of our Internal Ruling, with the aims, firstly to not cause problems to the local Church, especially to avoid the type of criticisms such as:  << How can it be that they make themselves poor for the Lord, and then leave debts as they go ? >>, since the Lord wants us “Light of the world” and “Salt of the earth", not “confusion or nasty scandal” for some one ! (ref Mt 18, 6). Amen ! 




   IN  REGARDS To SUSTENANCE,  LET’S ALL REMEMBER THAT JesUS HIMSELF LIVED OFF begging ( ref Lk 8, 3 ) and He Himself says to “Ask” ( ref Lk 11,9; Rev 3, 20;  Jn 4, 7 ) ... Nevertheless also Jesus ( primarily for a factor of justice ) that though he was rich, became poor ( ref 2 Cor 8, 9 ), so then he going also to “Ask” to the Samaritan woman a little water ( ref Jn 4, 7 …), like also the Prophet Elijah went to “Ask” for some bread from the widow woman ( ref 1Kng 17, 10 ) and etc.. ( ref Lk 8, 3 ) in order to give to many kind souls like the Samaritan or the pious women, the possibility of receive ( right up to their house or up to the streets) the Living Water of the Gospel that springs – of very Clear  answers - for the Eternal Life of many, or the Living Bread that descended from heaven for the Resurrection  of all  bodies ( those that eat from Him )... And again, it’s written: " Who does the charity to the poor makes a loan to the Lord, who will repay him for the good action..." ( Pr 19, 17 ), especially if these be a poor of the Lord ( ref Mt 10, 42) returning him to His imagine and resemblance, as is in fact written :" Jesus, that though he was rich, became poor, so to make many rich by means of his poverty “ ( ref 2 Cor 8,9 ) ...


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