From our Constitutions V.V. – ( Juridical-Canonical Text ) :



ARTICLE.12                                                             - FORMATION -


Casella di testo:  FOR HOME PAGE       Formation of Basis v.v., will be completed as  described in the C.C.L. with all the didactic helps and pedagogical means that seem to be more adapt to the nature or to the capacity of each individual member, in the spirit or condition of the life of the community, so that they can be able to take in more fully the Catholic Doctrine, and translate it in the practice of life.!” (Cf. Can. 779-780). So then it be also like so for our formation of basis, that is segmented in the following way( that at the moment be in the care of one of our sisters who has a degree in Religious Science ) :

    In the first 18 months, with the articulate prayer (Cf. Art. 8) / the simple teaching of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Doctrine of the Latin Rite / audio visual Biblical course, reviewed then to the light sure light of the Sacred Scripture / elementary spiritual course on the first 4 Saints of our Rule V.V (which be St. Francis of Assisi, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Pio of Pietrecina and St. Maxamillion M. Kolbe ) and on the Franciscan Sources at a wide scope. –Then,


     After the 18 months, tin the 2 years of the novitiate, with  the story of the Church in an elemen-

   tary way / the more profound Bible course


   Therefore, this is our simple base formation, of which must be followed through the sacred documents chosen by our first brother General, rich in a with out doubt eloquent pedagogical knowledge; this basic formation, that will become complete within about 3 tears and a half.

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