(Cf.  Can 778-779 )







                                            ( from CHAPTER VIII° POINT A, B, C – of our Rule V.V. )


A ) In regards then to the complete formation V. V. which interests the whole life of every single member, in a Religious, psychic* or cultural key, you should know that every one, for all the brief test of this life, is always in the same time, the one who is formed and the one who forms, because all have always something to learn ! , except He who for excellence knows the whole Truth; that is Jesus !

    But, although all the members shall be formers, it be required nevertheless some special members, which : women, for the feminine branch and men, for the masculine branch, nominated and elevated to such Assignment, with the name of so-called masters, from the General or from who the General will have delegated for this Assignment, everything on the custody of the priests and soon to be priests V.V. ( always of the Latin rite ), considered fit for this internal Assignment, at least from the Provincial Ministers V.V., which if they are also priests, even better, but to one condition though : and this is valid for all: << firstly Witnesses and then masters  >> since a Pope of our Holy Mother Church, in certain way says: << We are more in need of Witnesses, than of masters !  >>, yes, as he says, because as for what he would have understood, the knowledge or wisdom, comes more from observance than from study, as in fact is written :


       << I am wiser than of all of my teachers,

   because I meditate your instructions.

  I have more sense than the elderly -

because I "Observe" your precepts ! >> (Ps 118,99-100).


So then the ( highest ) knowledge or - highest - wisdom, it seems don’t come from study but from observance or from the practice of the law; according to what has been revealed to us by the Word !  


  B ) In regards then to the complete “Formation” V.V.  which interests the whole time of the formation of basis, that includes the 6 months of the experience, the year of probation and two years of internal novitiate, ( so one can identify Little Friars or Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary  with the capital V.), that shall complete [and be it “through the Sacred Documents” pre-chosen from me, “and the Franciscan Sources” (Cf. Chap Om, in conclus,), naturally “with the articulated Prayer and liturgical Prayer”, clearly described in our Rule V.V. ( Cf. pg. 14-16 ), that is to be more practised than to be meditated, and be it]  with the following spiritual formation, divided in the following way :

    In the first 18 months, that is among the 6 months of the experience, and among the 12 months of the year of test let be completed in a general sense a simple, orderly, and “elementary“, Biblical course, already traced by itself on the Sacred Writings guaranteed by our Church, and at the same way is to complete a simple and elementary spiritual course on the life of the first 4 Saints named in our Rule V.V; and all (for how much is possible), be it both for the Biblical course as for the Spiritual course just named, let them undertake -for a more eloquent pedagogy-by way of  “audio visual”, based and perfected then, both, on the word of God, for the Biblical films, and be it on, the history of the Saints guaranteed from the Church, for the films of the Saints; and I am sure - I say this by  experience-that “in a short time, a lot will be understood ! ”, that is, if it will be done to the letter ! 



   [ Naturally one starts from the story of Jesus, in which everything must be summed up ! -Therefore  beginning with : “audio visual”, then perfected on the guaranteed Sacred Writings…, and then all based, not on the sandy foundation of only words ( Cf. Mt 7, 26-27 ), but on the solid base of the “concrete practice” (Cf. Mt 7,2 4-25), as teaches us! Jesus ( Cf. Lk 6,47-48 ), like for example: of the - true concrete experiences of Evangelisation, on the voyages of total providence – Without taking anything… neither  haversack for the voyage, nor bread, nor water, nor gold, nor silver ( Cf. Mk 6,28…), and  etc… etc…, and all this shall always be a high growth up until the end of our life in regards not only to the Gospel, but also for all the Word of God – recapitulated in Christ – ! ]

   In regards then to the two years of the internal novitiate, they shall complete as far as possible in the following way ( possibly with the same methodology of the 2 courses above written ): knowing at least in an elementary way and in a general sense : be it the story of the Church, and be it, (in an always more profound way) the Biblical story of Salvation and of he “Complete Redemption” ( Cf. Ep 1,14B )… all this because as say the Apostles:

   << Every one is to be subdued to the governing authorities, because there is no authority if not from God>> ( Rm 13, 1 ), << because this is Gods will: that by your good deeds, you should silence the ignorant talk of fools ! >> . ( 1 Pt 2, 15 )


   So then summing up, “ the fundamental formation V.V.” is completed as such:


With the “Sacred Documents” that recapitulate in a simple way the teaching of the Cath. Church

and with the “Franciscan Sources” in a general sense...

With an audio visual  and elementary “Biblical course”

and with an audio visual “Spiritual course” on the life of the first 4 Saints prewritten on the Rule V.V.

With audiovisual and elementary “History of the Church”

and above all with “the articulated Prayer V.V.” Amen !


C) In regards then to the complete Formation V.V. which interests the whole time of formation of our priests V.V., shall be completed as far as possible within our community, through our soon to be priests V.V. ( proper for this assignment ) that the Lord will give us !, to which in the name of the Lord I say :


<< It pleases me immensely that you teach the sacred Theology to the Little Friars,

provided that in such occupation, you don't fade away and you don’t extinguish

the Spirit of the clear simplicity,

and of the Holy Prayer,

and above all of the Holy Practice,

as is written in the rule V.V. >>. ( Cf. F.S. 252 )


   All in favour of Christ and of his Body that is the Church, for the greater glory of God, and for the salvation of the greatest number of souls possible, aiming this and the eternal crown of our faith !



   For all those that don't feel to undertake the studies described for the suitability of internal novitiate, let them be given a simpler chalice to ingest, provided that the local Bishop doesn't have anything in opposition !, who we must always conquer with humility, and love with the obedience due to him; in the Truth !



  And noting in regards to the Truth; to avoid forgetting what the Lord has shown our internal eyes ( Cf. Ep 1, 18 ), so that we may obey always more to the fullness of the truth, that for us is clearly in the obedience to God through the Word, through the Church and through our Rule V.V., so then like prayers of community retreats done (possibly in “tents” and in “mountains” – Cf. Lk 9, 28. 33-35; Ps 60,3 c.5 -,) we also read and “carefully” read our Rule V.V., - as a minimum- at least twice a year, since it is written:


<< But take care and take good care

to not forget the things that your eyes “have seen”:

or let them slip from your heart, for as long as you live.

teach them rather to your children and your children’s children…>>. (Dt 4,9…).


  All in favour of Christ and of his Body that is the Church, for the greater glory of God, and for the salvation of the most number of souls possible, aiming this and the eternal crown of our faith !

                                          Amen !

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