WORK V.V. ...


 Like so, it be written in our Rule V.V: Our principal work is, and will always be this:


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( primarily, to practice and have others practice the Will of God  [ Cf. << Chap VIII° at the 14th Line >> ] by doing: ) firstly begging for the material (no money) so to then : write (above all in the earth of the hearts) and to copy spiritual thoughts, little and profound, then to divulge them in the world to the lost sheep through leaflets and brochures poor in aspect and rich in content (luminous and inspired by God).


There is work for all: who writes, who copies,

who draws, who types the type writer (or the computer),

who photocopies (or who gets others to do them),

who cuts the paper (or who gets others to cut it),

who translates text into other languages

(or who gets others to translate),

who begs for the material and

one who takes it to the lost sheep !

For the rest, everyone, doing whatever he is able to do,      

shall get everything necessary, and

work at least 2 hours per day, to defeat

the idleness, to glorify GOD, and save souls. …  

                                                         ( Cf. Rule V.V. page 14-15 )

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