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Kit  to make new Groups of Prayer A.D.P. V.V.








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Babies ( Cf. Ps 8,3 )...

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OFFICIAL RE-OPENING of the Groups of Prayer ADP-V.V. in the Churches...




National, Regional and Diocesan ADP-VV GATHERINGS... 




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Spiritual Exercises of the Little V.V.'s  in the Parishes...


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To recognise our groups A.D.P.-V.V., Responsible lay people, town and provincials, etc. what be their external signs ?


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Vocational ( Religious and Lay )Experience...


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Retreats for Lay people by the Little VV's...




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Why these new groups of prayer A.D.P. –V.V ?, that be, these Groups denominated Allies of the Little (Ones) Brothers and Sisters of Jesus and Mary ?  ( the answer be below, following the poster)...



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     These new groups of prayer ADP VV, - as in a certain way said our initiator in a radio interview at Rome ( care of Radio Mater) : << Be born – taking a little of their sprout from Saint Francis of Assisi -, when many lay people ( seeing this life so closely Evangelical, in all and for all.. ) said to Saint Francis of Assisi – as today they say also to me and to those of mine” - : “ but we today, how can we also live with your life style, so poor and so hard ?”  - “Don’t worry – responded Saint Francis – there’s place also for you ! ”, so he thought, well inspired, to create the so called Franciscan third order, where also many lay people fascinated with his life style could draw from this marvellous closely Evangelical Spirituality.


     Like so, in this time, also today ( for around 2 years now ) the Mother of God made me, along with those of mine, understand in a certain way, repeatedly time over time, through many requests ( of many families, and many people ), that there was the need for this, that is, to make many be at our side, which is and was the desire of so many. So then we all prayed together, to understand concretely what was to be done.. and like so also here, we have initiated according to this other Spiritual need, and so immediately we departed with the first applicant group of Prayer, and it has been a continual explosion of grace, because, already in less than two years , we have arrived from zero to 51 groups of prayer in all of Italy, all inscribed ( ref Enrolment form, here below ), and all that have already promised to strive to go with continual attendance to the Sacraments ( especially to the Holy confession and the Holy Sunday Eucharist ), and striving to pray the Meditated Holy Rosary once a week in group, and also striving to do good works, for whenever they be possible ( that also includes also that of helping us in our great work of Evangelisation”… ), above all in the perseverant prayer that the Lord send us many workers, to care for the many and abundant fruits that make recognised the good tree ( ref Lc 6, 44 ), because the harvest is becoming all the more abundant , and in relation to that the workers are always few ! , but giving thanks to Heaven for those that ( being totally consecrated) there are, they are beautiful and young, as says the Holy Scripture : << Children are a gift from God, and his grace the fruit of the womb . Like arrows in the hand of a hero are the children of the youth >> ( Ps 126, 3-4 ), because of their closely Evangelical very young life ( who want to reach Holiness at every cost – ref 1 Th 4,3a), arrive strait to the heart , making breach everywhere, and often also in those most hard ! … Above all for the armour of the Prayer that Mary of Fatima has given to all the child of spirit : << Do you want to offer Prayers and Sacrifice for the conversion of sinners ?, look that many souls go to hell because there is no one who sacrifices themselves and intercedes for them !...>>. ( ref Fatima 19.8.1917 ).

    Therefore, especially from this ( in regards to our Groups of Prayer A.D.P. – V.V. ), says from a part the Rule V.V. :


     << In regards then to all those that (in one way or in another) … - touched by the Spirit -  would like to concretely make part of our Prayer groups V.V. denominated by us " THE ALLIES OF THE LITTLE ONES "… they first be explained how these already existing groups function, and then if their insistence or interest for the Prayer is seen, they be made to complete with simplicity and explicit liberty the sheet-form  ( that you can click also here ), where in few words we will have there explained all already, as in regards to the Organization of the single city groups, and even before, the simple Promises to make to Mary, Mother of Jesus, for the Major Glory of God and the Salvation of the Most number of souls possible, Aiming this and the Eternal Crown of our Faith >> (ref 1 Pt 1, 9). Amen !



           For informations write to :

                                 The Little Friars and Sisters V.V. of Jesus and Mary, but remember alwais that : 


        We don't have anything, no telephone, no fax, no home (cf. Mt 8, 20),

           but for every eventuality, write to this address,

           leaving your phone number and some one will contact us,

           so that, later, one of us will contact you as soon as possible.


          ( Therefore, we are actually in 4 Diocese in the world
            and at Rome only for study) such as:
            In little groups in Northern, Southern and Western Italy,
            and the the United States...
            therefore  --- "on the Planet Earth".

            but soon to be, with the Grace of God, in the never ending eternal space,

            from one star to the next and on the luminous way of the Blessed Glorious 
            Immortality !... So, if you want to contact us, write to the address as above said ):





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          For all missions; in regards to those in Africa,
          or the Parish or Diocesan Missions please refer to the first address



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