what’s the reason for the weath in the church ?...






( From the writings of the Sacred Booklet of – Spiritual - Circulation of the Christian ):


    Certainly, at the appearance my dear and sweet little sheep, it seems as you say; but now in the Name of the Lord, I come and explain :  It’s written: << Majesty and wealth, are before Him, Power and splendour, in His sanctuary ! >> (Ps 95, 6)


Therefore Listen ” :


    For example: imagine that we’re twelve rich people, who each possess one million of capital, and inspired by God (Cf. Mt 19, 21), we decide to sell everything and to put the return all in common, to then step by step distribute it to the neediest poor… and, the Pope who be found at the head of this community, be found in the position of having to direct the fruit of so many  “Good Actions” !

    Now tell me “oh you who Listen”, would you like to condemn so many noble gestures of Charity ? Or he who has them distributed ? Reflect, and if you can intend, intend… since here is the secret, that is, the solution, because:

<< If everybody become poor, we would all be overwhelmingly rich, because everything would be everyone’s, and nothing would be no-one’s, like so there would be no more quarrels, no useless discussions, nor anymore competitions, and automatically there would be True Justice (Cf. Lk 3, 11), and accordingly True Peace (Cf. Ps 118, 165),  True Love (Cf. 1 Jn 5, 3; Jn 15, 13), and True Joy (Cf. Ps 118, 14.16; Jn 15, 10-11) ! And even more so, the Blessed Eternal Life (Mt 5, 6; Sal 20, 5), and the Glorious Immortality (Cf. Sal 83, 12; Wis 2, 23)! And etc. etc.., e from one Eternity to the next ! ( Cf. Wis 39, 20). Amen !


    Therefore we aught to take Care when our speech be inflamed, since in a certain way it’s written : << .. The accuser has been thrown down, that is he who accused our brothers before our God day and night (that be, also he who says: “The Church has done this, the Church has done that”), but they have won by means of the blood of the lamb, and thanks to the testimony of their martyrdom, since they have despised their life up unto death ! >>. ( Cf. Rv 12, 10-11)

    Yes, since these, have despised their life, up unto selling everything, and even more … to give food to the neighbour in need in all senses; yes, since they have despised their life up unto selling everything and (others) even more, up to having themselves unjustly killed, so to tell also you who now Listens :  << The full Truth is Christ ! Yes, the full Truth, be only in the Catholic Church, that from Generation in Generation, has always only and exclusively been the Living Body of Christ ! >>. Amen !

    Therefore my dear and sweet little sheep, take Care when you speak, since it’s written: << My little children, let's not love nor in words, nor with mere talk, but with the facts and in the Truth. By this we know that we are in the Truth ! >>.  (Cf. 1 Jn 3, 18-19)

    Therefore have you understood what you’ve asked ? Then now go, and if you’re able… do like wise. Amen !

Ah I forgot, since it’s written: << All” my Love be for the Noble men, Saints who are upon the earth ! >> (Ps 15, 3), what do you do ? Do you want to have “all” your love for these noble people who be part of the Body of your Lord, or be deceived by the devil wanting only to criticize and despise so many noble people and so many noble gestures of Charity ?

    It’s Written: << A Child be been born for us, we have been given a Son. On His shoulders is the Sign of Sovereignty and He be called: Admirable Adviser, Powerful God, Father Forever, Prince of the Peace>> ( Is 9, 5 ).


   Yes, such a Powerful Prince of the Peace, has been born…. ! Who in regards to certain questions says more so:


<< To whom therefore will I compare the men of this generation, to whom are they similar ?

They are similar to those children who stand in the square shouting to one another:

We’ve played you the flute

and you haven’t danced;

we’ve sung you a lament

and you haven’t cried !

John the Baptist in fact has come not eating bread and not drinking wine,

and you say:  He has a demon.

The Son of  man has come who eats and he drinks,

and you say: here be a glutton and a drunkard, friend of the publicans and of sinners.

But Justice has been done to Wisdom by all it’s children ! >>. (Lk 7, 31-35)


    Yes, so says the Lord : << Justice has been done to Wisdom >> by all these Noble men that have in Christ Jesus operated Great things ! Yes, just as those of which it’s written :


    << The multitude of those that had come to the Faith had one heart and one soul and nobody claimed ownership over what belonged him, but every thing amongst them was held in common. With great strength the Apostles gave testimony of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus and all of them  took enjoyment of a great liking. Nobody in fact amongst them was in need, for how ever much they possessed fields or houses they sold them, bringing the return of what had been sold and deposing it at the feet of the Apostles; where it then became distributed to every one according to the need >>. (Ac 4, 32-35)


    Therefore, “ having heard all of this”, my dear and sweet little sheep,  have you in a certain way been - filled - by this

luminous answer ? Since that to such regards Jesus him self says:

<< Blessed are those that are hungry and thirsty of justice, because will be filled ! >>.  (Mt 5, 6)

Therefore, my dear and sweet little sheep, have you now understood, what you’ve asked ? Now go, and do what you’re able !, and if you’re able, do likewise since that  the same Jesus says:


<< If you want to be Perfect, go, sell what you possess, give it to the poor

(then come and follow me) and you will have a treasure in heaven; >>  (Cf. Mt 19,21)


Yes, like so says the Lord:


<< Blessed are you poor, because yours is the Kingdom of God ! >> (Lk 6, 20)

And reconfirms:

<< Blessed be the Poor in spirit, because to them be the Kingdom of Heaven >>. (Mt 5,3)


But (Someone could say), poor in what sense ?;

(Somebody else could reply…) The Lord has just explained  :


                 << Poor in material (that is, detached from the material things with the facts and in the Truth), but also poor in spirit ! Yes to these…… be the Kingdom of Heaven ! >>; and what’s written is written, and the Scripture cannot be annulled (Cf. Jn 10, 35 B). Amen !


    All for Christ, and of his Body that is the Church, for the Major Glory of God, and for the Salvation of the Most number of Souls possible, “Aiming” this and  the “Eternal Crown” of our Faith.   Amen !                                                                                                                                                       





























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